Parents Teachers Friends Association PTFA

TLC Parents, Teachers and Friends Association

TLC Private School was established after requests by parents for an accessible, affordable, friendly, local private school. Our aim, since opening, has been to consult and involve parents, students and the wider community of interested individuals and companies in the development of an outstanding private school.

Many schools have a PTA (Parent Teacher Association) but at TLC we know that there are many people in our community who can and do support our school – hence the addition of ‘F’ for Friends! Our Connect Programme emphasises the way in which local businesses are willing to support our students and families.

Our Parents, Teachers and Friends have, over the years, raised substantial funds for the benefit of students and deserving charities, from our first mini bus, to more recently helping us develop our school lunch menus and service so that we are able to provide balanced nutritional meals to our students and staff whilst reinforcing the important of eating together and providing an opportunity to develop preferences for a wider variety of foods.

All parents and teachers are welcomed as members of our PTFA. Please consider getting involved, show your child you are committed to their school, enjoy the company of other parents and help us further develop as a community-facing school.

For further information about the PTFA and how you can contribute positively to our school contact us.