Private Institute

Lifelong Learning for All 

(Licensed by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Cyprus) 

Private Institutes are only allowed to operate for children of legal school age in the afternoons, after their school day ends. They cannot be used as a substitute for school and therefore we offer this service from 2.30pm each weekday. 

Our institute offers a range of courses including lessons in Greek and English for adults and children as well as maths support for those who struggle with maths concepts. We can also offer IGCSE and BTEC courses for those students who want to expand their range of qualifications. 

For more about TLC Private Institute and what it can offer you and your familyplease contact us 



To ensure the safety and well-being of our students and staff, TLC Private School will remain closed until the end of the term and the TLC Continuous Learning Programme will continue. The school will re-open safely and effectively in September, providing the situation continues to improve.