TLC Summer Camp

Join us for 6 weeks of fun, friendship and creativity!

TLC Private School offers activity programmes designed for different age groups:
3-4 year olds, 5-6 year olds and 7-11 year olds, 12-14 year olds as well as online English programmes for all ages and abilities.

  • Activity Programmes run from Monday 29 June until Friday 7 August 2020 (0830 – 1230 hours)
  • €115 per week per child or €600 for full 6 week programme
  • Book before 12th June 2020 & receive your 20% early bird discount! 

The Activity programmes are designed to be fun, exciting and educational.​

The following is a selection of 2020 summer programmes provides opportunities for personal development, building individual skills, teamwork and creativity.

Our Programmes

Early Discoverers

3-4 year olds

Our Early Years programmes allow students to participate in a variety of interesting and exciting activities, including a range of arts and crafts, imaginative role play and science investigations. The activities are carefully planned to develop the children's creativity, imagination, artistic skills, curiosity, team building, cooperation, communication skills and most of all, are designed for them to have fun!

Weekly Themes:

Week 1: Dinosaurs
Week 2: Teddy Bears
Week 3: Transport
Week 4:  The Very Hungary Caterpillar
Week 5:  Space
Week 6: Save our Seas

Young Adventurers

5-6 year olds

The activities for our Young Adventurers are carefully planned to develop the children's creativity, imagination, artistic skills, curiosity, team building, cooperation, communication skills and most of all, are designed for them to have fun!

Weekly Themes:

Week 1: Pirates and Princesses
Week 2: Dinosaurs
Week 3: Under the Stars (Light and Dark)
Week 4: Splash! Let’s Get Messy
Week 5: Buildings
Week 6: Save our Seas

World Explorers

7-11 year olds

Week 1 Around the World

Through a journey that each day takes us from different countries, cultures and time zones, the children will enjoy a variety of arts, crafts and activities related to the different cultures including; African, Roman and Greeks, Aborigine, Egyptian and the American West.

Week 2 Environmental

This week, children will train as young environmentalists, learning all about recycling but also the natural world, working on a communal garden.

Week 3 Fashion Week (including Superheroes)

During this week there will be an opportunity for children to produce fashion clothing and jewellery from recycled materials, culminating with a cat walk parade at the end of the week.  They will be introduced to the process of tie dying and have a chance to create their own superhero or favourite character costumes.

Week 4 Jurassic Park

In week 4 the children will step back millions of years to the time of the dinosaurs moving forward to the early cavemen.  During this journey they will learn all about the size, diet and habitat of dinosaurs, investigating fossils and bones and learning how early humans survived in very dangerous times.

Week 5 Water World

This week we take to the water exploring the depths of the oceans with their myriad sea life.  Our art skills will be fully used as we create three dimensional sea creatures.  We will climb out of the ocean and into caves, exploring their features and how they’re formed.  During this part of our activities we will learn about the stories and myths created by the Romans and Greeks to explain the underworld.  We will also have lots of fun playing games and building our own small boats sailing them across the school swimming pool, ending with a treasure hunt where we will follow maps to discover the hidden treasure.

Week 6 The Animal Kingdom

We jump back to our ocean topic to refresh our memories on how sea creatures survive and how we can protect them and then take to the air with a study of the world’s most beautiful birds.  Removing ‘and perform little plays using puppets of animals

The Young Apprentice

12-14 year olds

Those of you who are familiar with the British TV Show ‘The Apprentice’ will know that it’s a British business-styled reality game show where contestants compete in a series of business related challenges.  This is the premise of The Young Apprentice Summer Camp programme.  Each week students will have an opportunity to design, build or create a product.  As part of the process students will have the opportunity to participate in:

  • Role play
  • Sewing
  • Making soap products
  • Poster design
  • Packaging
  • Presentations
  • Textile Printing
  • Model making
  • Characters
  • Producing social media advertisements
  • Making props
  • Collage
  • Product pitches
  • Producing logos

Conscious that students have been spending a large proportion of their time glued to a screen, we have included a range of sports activities which will allow students to have fun whilst avoiding overheating in the summer sun.  The sports activities will include: volleyball, table tennis, croquet, boules, putting course and a treasure hunt.

The weekly challenges:

Week 1:               Design, create and fly a kite

Week 2:                Design, make and package a soap product

Week 3:                Design, build and race a boat or watercraft

Week 4:                Design a children’s game

Week 5:                Design, create and race a car, speed and branding challenge

Week 6:                Design, print and present a t-shirt


TLC Summer School 2019

To ensure the safety and well-being of our students and staff, TLC Private School will remain closed until the end of the term and the TLC Continuous Learning Programme will continue. The school will re-open safely and effectively in September, providing the situation continues to improve.