TLC Plus

TLC Plus +

TLC+ provides a service to the whole school for students who have additional support needs whether this be due to a particular talent or gift, having a learning difference or needing intensive specialist support. The service is multidisciplinary and staffed by a team who have many years of experience, it is also supported by two Educational Psychologists.  The primary aim of TLC+ is to promote and support inclusion into and within mainstream education at a level that suits the individual.

These children will have an IEP (individual education plan) to ensure they receive the appropriate support to achieve their potential and that any necessary adaptation/resource needed will be implemented.  The IEP is reviewed with the student, teacher and parents on a 6 weekly basis.

For those children who require more specialist support we have 3 classrooms, within a specialist facility.  These have been specifically planned and designed to meet the needs of children with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD).  As such the environment is free from additional stimulus to help the children concentrate and remain focused.   It caters for five full time places and can also accommodate children who come part time, or who are building up their time both within the specialist resource and inclusion into mainstream.

The service has a main classroom for group work, a smaller very minimalist room for intensive 1:1 work and a sensory/playroom.  The rooms are also available to the rest of the school when free.  The material used by the children combines a number of methods found to be helpful with children with ASD, it is visual, hands on and broken down to small stages to enable them to learn easily and to reach the desired goals.

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