TLC Private School expansion plans for 2018/2019

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TLC Private School announced details of its expansion plans for 2018/2019 which includes the relocation of part of the school to new premises.

The school has been successful in acquiring the Baccarat Estate on Agios Georgios road which includes a stately mansion and its four adjacent properties set in large grounds with lots of natural grass and shade – entirely befitting of a high quality private school.

This exciting development will enable the school to accommodate its rapidly increasing student roll which is attributable to the reputation the school has gained for the high quality of education that it offers. The expansion of the school’s accommodation will include significant improvements in specialist facilities, including the establishment of faculties for languages, sciences and mathematics, sport, technology and the arts.

The new site also allows the school to increase its capacity in a phased programme from September 2018 until the site if fully functional in September 2019.

The Directors are committed to providing inclusive and accessible education in a family-orientated, environment where every child matters. The opportunity to base the school in a number of houses will help retain the small, intimate feel with class sizes remaining as they are now.

David Lewis, Principal at TLC said, “We are very fortunate to be able to acquire such prestigious premises, close to our current site. Being able to add accommodation so close to our current base is an opportunity we didn’t think we’d ever get. It enables us to welcome more students to our school and offer them the high quality, caring education that has become the trademark of TLC Private School. I am eagerly anticipating the opportunities that this development will offer us. I look forward to working with the Directors and updating parents and students on the future of a school which has firmly established itself as a provider of quality education in the Paphos region.”

The Directors are determined to respect its original core values and current philosophy:

As we progress this project our core aims will remain:
• To deliver a personal, focused and effective educational services.
• To ensure that TLC Private School is the place to be in the village where it intends to stay, with control of its destiny, for the good of generations of students to come and to protect its unique identity.
• To ensure that day by day and year by year, our students progress in knowledge, skills and understanding, in age appropriate premises, with the best facilities that we can achieve.
• To preserve our caring, vibrant and passionate school with small classes and ever-improving facilities to maximise the potential of each and every one of the students who attend TLC Private School.
TLC Private School believes in offering a learning environment of the highest of standard. The happiness, safety and security of our students and staff are paramount as we move forward with our plans. Our aim in all we do is to ensure the continuing provision of excellence.”


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The Directors emphasised the following:

“The school began with a set of core values, intrinsic to what we recognised as being essential for the academic and social development of our students. Despite the growth in the school, TLC remains unique because of its adherence to its core values. Eight years on from our inception, the school has gone from strength to strength with a student body that has currently reached capacity. Our students range from 3 years of age, to 18 and with our committed staff of over twenty experienced teachers we have firmly established ourselves as a successful school. We continue to have the future of our students at heart! Throughout its 8 years of operation, TLC has retained a caring, family feel whilst providing rigour and challenge within the curriculum, supported by highly qualified, dedicated, teachers and leaders.”

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