Students teaching takes place in modern air-conditioned rooms, some of which are specialist accommodations such as our Art Studio, Science Laboratory and Computer Laboratory. The curriculum at TLC is based on the English system; it is broad and balanced, ensuring that students not only advance in academic subjects, but also in sport and the arts. The emphasis is on preparing students socially and emotionally to become confident and resilient young people.

TLC offers comprehensive, co-educational teaching at the highest level from Kindergarten to Secondary



3 -4 years

We are proud to offer a Kindergarten provision for children 3 years. This provision within TLC allows children to flourish through play in a caring, happy, stimulating and safe environment.



5-6 years

Our highly popular and successful Reception class is now taking registrations for September. Register early to secure your child’s place



6-11 years

Children enter into our primary school at the beginning of the year in which they reach 6 years of age. We call this Year 1 and it is the first of 6 years leading up to secondary education.



12 - 16 years

A student starts their secondary experience at the beginning of the school year in which they become 12 years of age. The first three years provide a broad, balanced education which is followed by two years of study leading to formal, internationally recognised qualifications such as IGCSE and GCSE.

Sixth Form

Sixth Form

16-18 years

Our sixth form is the flagship of our school community. It is comprised of our students who have gained success in their IGCSE exams and students who have come to us from other schools to gain their A level qualifications.

Make your child's success a priority

Students are nurtured on a journey through which they will become confident, resilient, assured young people with the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for them to be happy and successful in whatever they choose to do in future years.


We believe that our students deserve the best teachers who will deliver effective lessons. We now invest in around 40 adults to teach and support our students. The team is strong but the Principal and Directors are not complacent and they strive always to bring out the best in their staff.


Many things impact on a child’s ability to learn. Teachers, parents, classmates, resources and the environment all impact and at TLC we monitor attainment and progress to ensure every child’s success.


Our school is a community and as such, experiences the ups and downs that go along with any large family. The happiness, safety and security of our students and staff is paramount and is at the core of our school’s very positive atmosphere.

TLC Private School News

TLC Primary Celebrates Carnival!

TLC Primary Celebrates Carnival! Carnival festivities date back to Ancient Greece where celebrations were organised in honour of Dionysus, the god of wine and fun. Every spring, TLC participates in both the Peyia and Paphos Read more…

TLC Staff Tested for COVID-19

TLC Staff Tested for COVID-19 As part of the government’s plan to sample the incidence of Covid-19 in schools, fifty of our staff across Primary and Secondary were selected to take the Covid-19 test on Read more…

Remembrance Day assembly

Remembrance Day Assembly TLC Years 5 and 6 held a beautiful Remembrance Day assembly on the 11th November 2020. Ms Fourache and Ms Sam spoke about the importance of the day whilst students joined in Read more…